You Deserve a Smile Makeover in Staten Island

18 Jun, 2018

If you are in the interview process of your search for that first job or for a position that advances you up the corporate ladder, you know that one of the cardinal rules of “dressing to impress” is to smile, smile, smile. Same is true if you are looking to attract that someone special to enter your life. Or you are just preparing for that new family portrait where you want everyone – including yourself – to look their best. If you have a smile that is less than gleaming and eye-popping, your career pursuit may stall, your social life could be stuck in neutral, or you lost confidence in your appearance. If these or any other scenarios are being negatively affected by the condition of your teeth, then you may want to consider a smile makeover in Staten Island.

Dr. Alex Parshin, as a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, is highly skilled in treating patients who have less than perfect smiles, including patients with one or more missing teeth. What his patients like most about him is his natural ability to put them at ease and speak to them in understandable terms. Dr. Parshin takes whatever time is needed to fully listen to his patients to learn about their concerns before he performs any examinations or recommends any course of treatment. With careful preparation through digital x-rays and advanced 3D scanning, Dr. Parshin will be able to determine the best path to improve your smile.

What conditions can a smile makeover improve?

A smile makeover in Staten Island can be the recommended treatment for several oral health conditions. Every makeover is custom-designed by Dr. Parshin to provide specific improvements for each individual patient. Stained or dull-looking teeth is one of the most frequently treated conditions in a smile makeover. Also, teeth that overlap, are crooked, or have space between them can be treated. These ailments can lead to tooth decay and poor health. Dr. Parshin can address those gaps with a smile makeover.

He also examines the proportion of your teeth to determine if they are in the correct balance with each other. Dr. Parshin may also check something called your “smile line” that, if perfectly aligned, means the edges of your upper teeth conform to the contour of your lower lip when you open your mouth and smile.

What treatments can be done as part of a smile makeover?

For discolored, aged-looking teeth, Dr. Parshin will personalize a course of action that may include in-office teeth whitening treatments. He is proficient at selecting the right shade of teeth whitening so that it complements your natural skin tone and hair color, and without making it appear that you went totally out of sync with your mouth and the rest of your physical appearance.

If you have teeth that are chipped, broken or out of alignment, porcelain veneers can improve their look and hide any obvious flaws. Dental bondings will close any gaps between teeth and can even out any imperfect or jagged edges. These treatments are addressed the same day, with crowns and veneers created in-office, using the latest 3D technology so that patients can enjoy their smile without the typical delays associated with dental work.

What sets Dr. Parshin apart?

Dr. Parshin utilizes the most advanced technology available to ensure precise care. Utilizing digital x-rays, 3D printing, and on-location created ceramic restorations, Dr. Parshin will help you rediscover your beautiful smile.

If you have concerns about your smile and are interested in learning how a smile makeover could enhance your appearance, please schedule an appointment online for a consultation and examination with Dr. Alex Parshin or by calling Parshin Dental at (718) 494-2010.

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