Porcelain veneers are an ideal way to overcome cosmetic issues that are discernable when you smile or converse. Many people suffer from discolored teeth due to procedures such as root canals or simply because of poor oral hygiene. Some have chipped their front teeth accidentally or have naturally misaligned teeth. All such individuals are ideal candidates for veneers. During your consultation, Dr. Alex Parshin will assess your teeth and decide if you’re a likely candidate for veneers. Visit Parshin Dental now for veneer treatment to restore your confidence in your smile.

Dr. Alex Parshin, DMD.

A veneer is a very thin covering of porcelain. It goes over your natural teeth. It covers any chips, discoloration, any old fillings. Veneers act like a permanent tooth. You can eat anything you want. You can eat an apple, you could eat meat. They’re basically a replacement of your tooth but they’re functional and highly cosmetic. A good candidate for porcelain veneers is anyone that’s unhappy with their smile. A person that might have old discolored fillings, a person that might have chipped their front teeth while they were younger. Veneers should last you more than twenty years. If after twenty or twenty five years you need a replacement, it’s very easy to do because again we do have the 3D technology. A patient could come in, we could scan them again. We already have their color. We just reprint or re-mill the crown or the veneer and they’re able to walk out in one visit. When the patient gets to see their smile for the first time, it’s an amazing feeling for us because we see their whole outlook changed. They’re more confident, happier and they could finally smile more.