The Patient Experience

In this video, Dr. Alex Parshin, DMD, speaks about how patients feel about their treatment at Parshin Dental. He states that it is his utmost priority to make his patients feel as comfortable as possible. His treatment is based on the principle of transparency and honesty. So, he ensures the patients get an in-depth understanding of the treatment and its benefits. He believes in providing personalized care to everyone. Patients here are not made to go through unnecessary sittings for a single procedure. Anyone looking for speedy and effective dental treatment in NY can visit Parshin Dentals even on Saturdays.

This experience is very very different than any other office. We have all the top of the line technology, we make it easy for patients who have anything done like fillings, crowns, implants. Everything here is based on technology. So they don’t have to spend two, three or four visits like they used to. We can get things done in one visit and no one likes to be here more than one visit. So, for them it’s a huge thing to come in and get everything done in one shot. They get to see what I am designing in front of them and in the comfort of their chair, they can actually say, hey, I want to do this or I want to add this or I want to make this crown a little bulkier here. So they are in control of what they’re ultimately getting as the final restoration. Our practice philosophy here is to get people out of fear. That’s the number one thing for dentistry. Patients are scared about the old techniques. What we have here is very confident, very family oriented. We make the patient feel at ease. I actually walk every single patient through every single step that I do. So they know we’re going to finish in about five ten minutes. Hey, it’s almost done. Everyone who comes in through the door is treated exactly like a family member. We want them to feel confident that they’re in the right place. We don’t want them to feel like they’re just a number. We are open till 7, 7 30. Saturdays we are open just to have the availability. Our office, it’s very important to give that care to patients because we truly care about them. We don’t consider them as a number and because we care, we want the best option for them and we want the best outcome for them. So, our job here is to resolve any issues they have in the best way possible using the best technology out there in dentistry.