Testimonial 1

In this video, Carol, who is a crown patient at Parshin Dental, bears testimony to the experience and expertise of Dr. Alex Parshin. She mentions how Dr. Parshin’s caring approach makes her feel extremely comfortable during the treatment. The staff as well is very welcoming and treats you with like an extended family. Dr. Parshin is very upfront with his patients and keeps them informed about the details of the procedure throughout the treatment. She recommends anyone looking for quality dental treatment in Staten Island to visit Dr. Parshin right away.

I’ve had numerous crowns done and Dr. Parshin is amazing with that. It’s one step, you’re there, you come in, you get it done, all in one day. He’s got this machine that does it. He does it on the computer, it’s awesome. And I have a bridge that I was very nervous about getting but I know I needed it. There was no other way and when I got it, I’ve had it now, I guess, about an year and a half and it’s been wonderful. I call her and I probably don’t  have to say my last name anymore. And she always says don’t worry let’s see and she always gets me in and the girls in the back are so welcoming. It’s just very pleasant, very pleasant staff and my whole family comes here. My husband, my two daughters, you know, and we’re all very happy. I already have one of my co-workers, was asking me about dentist and she’s another person. I always thought I was nervous about going to the dentist, she is petrified. And I recommended Dr. Parshin and she’s been coming here and she’s very happy. Very friendly, makes you feel very comfortable in the chair. And like I said, if you know, he always asks if you’re ok even while he is doing whatever procedure he’s doing, he’s concerned. He’ll say, ok, and he’ll tell you exactly what he is doing. This’ll be a little bit of pressure and it’s just, there’s nothing else to say except that it’s great. I mean I it’s always good experience. Never have I left the dentist and said, “Oh my God, that was horrible”. You know, I cut my tooth over. It’s always been good and I’ve had a lot of work. I feel like, you know, I should have a chair named after me because I am here all the time.