Testimonial 5

The moment you walk into Parshin Dental, Staten Island, NY you will notice a kid-friendly environment. Dr. Parshin & his team constantly strive to ensure that the dental care for kids is fun without any compromises on the quality part. They schedule the appointments way ahead of time. That allows the children’s’ parents to adjust their busy schedules as per their appointment. Dr. Parshin understands that all kids have a short attention span. So, using his experience, he has developed techniques to make their visit entertaining and stress-free.


It’s awesome, especially with kids. It’s really good to know that we’d be in and out. The staff is super professional. The doctor is very thorough. Basically, so ya, it is really a great experience. We’ve been coming here ever since we moved to Staten Island five years ago. So, it’s been, it’s been really good.

What’s your favorite thing? The goodies bags. The goodie bags, but they’ll also do what, they count your teeth.

It’s really comforting because the dentist is not my favored thing. So it’s comforting knowing that, you know, he really thinks of the patient’s best interest rather than the practice’s. So, it’s really been wonderful. Super friendly, very accommodating. They know that you know you never have to wait long. They always entertain the kids because they know that their attention span is super short. So, it’s a really good place. Honestly, I think when you have a lot of things that you need to do during your weekend, one you know you can plan ahead for like they always schedule things ahead of time you never have to wait which is huge for me. But they’re also very professional like if you have questions when you’re not here they will always reply to you immediately. And the procedures themselves are very gentle. So, you don’t feel a lot of pressure even in the cleaning. And once again, like they’ll always recommend something that’s better for you as the patient. So, you don’t feel like it’s just kind of things been pushed on you, just you know, for the profit piece of it. They know they kind of look forward to it. It’s like a game, they get a little favor. So, there’s a party bag so it’s like coming to a party. I think with kids, it’s very, there’s TVs playing cartoons, it’s super clean. There are not a lot of people. They don’t schedule a lot of people here so you always feel like all the attention is on you.