Testimonial 4

Yuliya is a patient at Parshin Dental, Staten Island, NY. She underwent Invisalign treatment and is extremely pleased with the results. Although her friends endured some discomfort with Invisalign, she never experienced any pain due to it. As she mentions, Invisalign trays require minimum maintenance. Whenever you need to brush and floss your teeth, you can simply remove the trays. When you are done brushing, you can just place them back right away without any inconvenience. Other orthodontic alternatives come with quite a few food restrictions. However, you can simply remove Invisalign and eat whatever you want to without worrying. Yuliya bears testimony to Dr. Parshin’s dental skills and calming presence. She is also impressed with the state of the art technology used at Parshin Dental. The staff here is also very welcoming and treats you like a part of an extended family.

Yuliya, Invisalign patient

Well my experience is really great because a lot of my friends have Invisalign and they’ve been telling me that they would have like pain and it’s like hard to adjust and it takes time but with me it kind of was very easy. I never had any pain or anything. My Invisalign apparently fits perfectly and my teeth are moving on schedule. So, I’ve had pretty good, pretty good experience. Invisalign is kind of like a thing because if you’re committing to it you are committing to it but at the same time like it’s pretty easy. You just have to carry your tooth brush and tooth paste with you and normally you just brush them between your meals or after your meals and other than that it doesn’t really require a lot of maintenance. You just keep it in as long as you can possibly keep it in and then take it out when you eat. The thing that they’re using really good technology and Dr. Parshin is experimenting with a lot of new stuff and new technologies like 3D printing and stuff like that. And I think their service is really fast and it’s like efficient. And if I have any questions I can always call him and talk to him. And he’s just really good dentist. Everybody in this office is like really nice and friendly and they’re very efficient and I think they do have really good bedside manners. And everybody is like always smiling and they’re really great. And I had dental cleanings here as well and their staff is amazing. Dr. Parshin is very nice, very friendly He is also available anytime for a phone call, well, not at anytime, but like at office hours for a phone call and he’ll always answer questions. I think he is really great dentist.