Testimonial 3

In this video, Sarah, who is a patient at Parshin Dental, states her appreciation for Dr. Alex Parshin and his team members. Sarah chose Parshin Dental for her 3D crown treatment and was extremely happy with the results. Even after moving to another city after marriage, she continues to visit Dr. Alex Parshin for her dental treatment. She has complete faith in Dr. Parshin’s skills & experience as a dentist and that helps her to relax and be comfortable during and after treatment. She reserves special mention for the professionalism and knowledge of the staff at Parshin Dental.

Sarah, Crown patient

I got it done right before my wedding. I wanted my teeth to look perfect and I got the crown done and then I got the whitening done to match everything. And I thought it was just going to be like a temporary thing but it worked out so well. It’s been three years, I’ve had no issues. It looks so natural and I am like really, really happy with it. I actually found Dr. Parshin through my brother. He is a friend of my brother’s. And so I have been coming for the past, I’d say, four years and then I got, I moved. I recently got married, well not recently, three years ago, got married, moved to West Chester which is like pretty much an hour and a half from here. But I still make the trip all the way back here because I really like the service and Dr. Parshin is great. Everybody who works here is really great. Very professional, very honest and like actually really like cares and wants like the best for your teeth in the most like efficient and practical way. So, that’s definitely appreciated. So it’s like, nobody really likes going to the dentist but it makes it an easy process.  Today I worked with I think Catherine. She was lovely, very professional, very knowledgeable. She knew lot of information. So, that’s good, always learning new things. They’re quick, easy and knowledgeable. Definitely care about your teeth, care about giving the you best service.