Testimonial 2

In this video, Justin, a patient at Parshin Dental, expresses his gratitude for Dr. Alex Parshin. He has been visiting Parshin Dental for dental treatment since he was a kid. Even his family including his cousins visits Dr. Parshin to resolve their dental issues. Many individuals are skeptical to visit a dentist but that’s not the case with Dr. Parshin’s patients. He understands his patients’ concerns and makes them at ease with his approachable and gentle attitude. He is knowledgeable and ensures the patient doesn’t feel any discomfort during the treatment. If you are looking for contemporary dental treatment in a relaxed environment, schedule your appointment now.

Justin, patient

It’s actually fun coming to the dentist. Dr. Parshin generally keeps it casual. You’re dealing with a real person. It’s not at all the stressful dentist, you know, situation. Definitely knows his stuff, he is straightforward, super nice, supportive. We’ve been coming here forever and it’s a, you know, it kind of feels like, a small business home town kind of vibe where everyone’s nice, easy to get in touch with, really clear communication. You know, if you have an appointment, you’ll get a call, text, e-mail to make sure you’re definitely like well aware of what’s going on and what’s coming up. Definitely family atmosphere. My whole family comes here. My in laws come here, my cousins come here. It’s, we’ve been coming since, you know, I am a little kid and Dr. Parshin took over the practice number of years ago. But still the same vibe, same, I’d imagine a lot of the same patients have been coming for a while. And I’m sure the business has just grown too since he has taken over. You know, it’s a clean modern facility. I think all the services are, you know, as they should be. The staff is really nice. Dr. Parshin really knows his stuff. And it’s a good place to get your dental work done.