Smile Makeover

In this video, Dr. Alex Parshin, DMD, speaks about how a simple smile makeover has made the life of his patients better. Many individuals endure embarrassing moments daily due to their smile. These moments lead to discontent and as a counteractive measure, they tend to suppress their smile, especially in public. Besides aesthetics, a poor smile also affects your oral health and eventually, your overall wellness. Dr. Parshin uses his experience and expertise in 3D technology to provide the best smile makeovers for his patients. The most satisfying part of his job as per him is the ability to bring about a change in the self-confidence and overall quality of life of his patients. If you’ve been thinking about a smile makeover in Staten Island, visit Parshin Dental right now.

Dr. Alex Parshin, DMD.

Using 3 D technology, we could actually do a mock up and show them what they would look like before they even go in. So they have an option to see, hey is this fit right for me or do¬† I want to go another route. I’ve had a patient asked me to do a smile makeover. So, we planned everything in 3D. We had the 8 veneers planned in 3D technology. The patient was able to see what they’re getting beforehand. Once the patient approved it, we did the smile makeover and that patient actually cried in my chair once I delivered the eight veneers because he was so happy. And then I spoke to him after his reunion and he said no one even recognized that this was him because of his beautiful smile. So it brings back confidence, it brings back happiness, it brings back the self esteem for the patient to get that smile makeover. It’s very gratifying to me when I see some person go from one end to the other of the smile makeover because they come in to me asking for help. They come in to me not smiling, their head is down. They’re not , you could see that they’re not confident. Once I show them what they’re getting, you see that their self esteem starts to boost up because they know they’re about to get something truly amazing that could change their life. Once I deliver that, then I see that it’s a game changer because their life has changed completely. That makes me feel amazing. When I could change somebody’s life just by changing their teeth, that’s the most gratifying thing I can actually deliver to a patient.