Same Day Crowns Cost

In this video, Dr. Alex Parshin of Parshin Dental, speaks about the cost of the crown. As per him, the cost of crown depends on different factors that include the material and the quality of the crown. He also explains the consultation procedure at his office. The patients are subjected to a regular oral checkup and X-rays before they’re provided with the most suitable options in terms of treatment.

Dr. Alex Parshin, DMD.

The cost of crown varies depending on the material you’re going to choose, how many crowns you’re getting? If you’re replacing an old crown or if you’re making something now, it all depends on the material that’s involved and what quality you want to go. It ranges from, there is middle type of quality, there’s also more cosmetic type of quality. So, it’s all based on the patient’s preference. So, once the patient comes in and we do all the X-rays, we do the exam, we could go over all those steps and see which fit is right for the person. The consultation process is very easy at this office. The patient comes in, what we would do is we do all the X-rays . We would do a full examination to see what would benefit them, what material will look good on them. We also take intra oral photos and extra oral photos which then we show to patient and say this is what you look like now, which route you’d like to go? Anyone that’s interested in getting any type of work that could be over your finances, we do offer options here that can benefit you. Come in for consultation. As soon as we finish the consultation we’ll provide you with all the information you need.