Same Day Crowns at Parshin Dental

Dental impairment is one of the most common oral medical issues. Regardless of whether it is brought about by lack of oral hygiene, decay, or overtime corrosion, it is normal for tooth enamel to suffer deterioration. According to Dr. Alex Parshin, Same Day Crowns offer the perfect solution for damaged or decayed teeth. He uses CEREC to take digital impressions of the affected tooth and design a crown that appears and feels like the original tooth. By offering Same-Day Dental Crowns, Dr. Parshin reduces the procedure time to just minutes, enabling the patients to get it done in a single visit without enduring the discomfort of wearing a temporary crown.

Dr. Alex Parshin

Owner + Dentist

Hey Dr. Parshin at Parshin Dental. Crowns are very common in dentistry today. So I want to tell you four ways that can benefit you. For one, a crown can cosmetically restore your smile. No matter if your teeth are chipped, cracked decayed or you just want to straighten or brighten your smile. A crown can fix all of these concerns. Two, crowns allows us to save the original tooth. We craft the crown to perfectly fit your smile. So, it will look and feel 100% natural. Three, time. We know you are busy and we are proud to offer Cerec 3 D technology. This means you no longer have to wear temporary and you’re able to walk out with the final restoration in just one visit. You can even see your new crown being made right in front of you and the results are incredible.

Nick, Patient

Him and I sat down and he showed me how he was going to do it. He explained each step of the way. And within two hours, I was done.

Four, our crowns are durable to last. We offer several different high quality crown materials to fit your needs.

Michelle, Patient

The thing I loved the most about getting my Same Day Crown was getting it the same day. I mean, it’s amazing. I am a mom. I don’t really have much time. Being able to come in and come out and look great and feel great, I mean what could be better than that.

If you want to learn more about Same Day Crowns and how we can make them convenient for our patients, give us a call at 718-494-2010.