Dental Implants at Parshin Dental

Dr. Alex Parshin of Parshin Dental speaks about the benefits of dental implants. Dental implants are designed to appear, feel, and perform like your regular teeth, increasing your confidence in your smile. Dental implants are also better than traditional teeth replacement alternatives like bridges & dentures in the context of the long term value. Dental implants are secured in your jaw bone simply like natural teeth. So they act as a shield for the jaw bone and essentially decrease bone resorption. Supplanting missing teeth with implants also enables you to enhance your bite. The 3D technology available at Parshin Dental allows the procedure to be completed within minutes. The patients are extremely pleased with the results and would recommend anyone looking for dental implants in State Island to visit Parshin Dental.

Dr. Alex Parshin

Hey, Dr. Parshin here and I want you to know there’s a more permanent solution to missing teeth, dental implants. If you’re missing a tooth or getting an extraction, implants can be a perfect solution for you. They will appear completely natural and function just like your real tooth. Or if you have dentures that are not stable, we can replace them with implant supported permanent crowns.

Elizabeth, Patient

The whole procedure was seamless from beginning to end. I really liked having all the steps done here in this one office. It was just amazing to see the machinery, like I said, the 3D printer that just went in my mouth to just measure everything. It was just amazing thing.

Dr. Parshin

At Parshin Dental, we’re proud to have the latest in implant technology, the 3D X-ray. Having this technology available for our patients really enhances their overall experience. They receive the best outcome with higher success rates. Also, it reduces the length of the appointment with some implant placements only being 10 to 15 minutes. And it allows more precise implant placement. This results in minimum discomfort after the procedure and overall, making implants easier than ever to achieve.


I was really surprised that when I walked out of the office with my new implant. It felt like it had been there since I was born. I didn’t have to get used to it. It was just part of me and that was the most surprising thing.

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