Advanced Technology at Parshin Dental

In this video, Dr. Alex Parshin explains various technologies available at Parshin Dental, Staten Island, NY. Dr. Parshin ensures that his practice involves the usage of state of the art technology which includes Cerec Same-Day Crowns, 3D X-rays, 3D printers, and digital charts. He asserts the importance of 3D technology to enhance the dental experience for the patients as well as the dentists. He reserves special mention for Cerec 3D technology that allows him to digitally scan patients’ teeth, analyze the data, and deliver the most suitable dental restoration within half an hour. It also accounts for a more comfortable and accurate restoration. So, if you are looking for dental crowns, dentures, and dental veneers in State Island, visit Parshin Dental right away.

Dr. Alex Parshin, Owner and Dentist, Parshin Dental

Hey it’s Dr. Parshin here and I want to tell you about some of the cool technology we have here at Parshin Dental. We offer Cerec Same-Day Crowns, 3D X-rays, 3D printers, digital charts and so much more. Here are my top two favorite technologies we offer and how it betters your dental experience. One is the Cerec 3D technology. It eliminates temporary crowns, meaning you can have your permanent crown crafted and placed in just one visit. That also means no more awkward putty impressions. You can sit in the comfort of your chair and be a part of designing your own crown to create your perfect smile. In fact, I had a patient who had his retirement party that was two days away and he always wanted to change his smile. He figured it would take weeks to change but with Cerec we were able to get 8 cosmetic veneers done in only one day allowing him to attend his retirement party with an amazing new smile. That was unheard of five years ago. He was so overjoyed, he actually cried when he saw the results. Two is the 3D X-rays. Now we can view your teeth in a three dimensional view. Unlike traditional X-rays, we can catch tooth damage disease and infection faster. This technology also allows more precise dental implant placement. The advance technology provides you with accurate results, higher success rates and allows for better treatment planning with high quality materials in less visits. To learn more about our technology or if you want to experience dentistry in a whole new way, give us a call at 718-494-2010.