About Parshin Dental

In this video, Dr. Parshin of Parshin Dental, NY gives an insight into his practice and office atmosphere. Many patients are skeptical of visiting a dentist. However, Dr. Parshin makes an honest effort to allay those fears using gentle procedures and providing effective treatment. The core objective here is to provide the patients with a memorable and pleasant dental experience. Dr. Parshin offers the latest dental procedures using advanced 3D technology and sophisticated equipment. His true work and philosophy are reflected in the words of his patients who have nothing but sincere praise for him. Even the staff members express their approval of the way Dr. Parshin treats everyone at the office. They consider each patient equally important, just as Dr. Parshin does. Trust is an integral component of Dr. Parshin’s dental philosophy and thus, he is extremely honest and upfront with his patients. So, in case you are visiting Parshin Dental for your dental treatment in Staten Island, you can rest assured, you will get what you are promised.

Hi I am Dr. Alex Parshin. As the owner of Parshin Dental, my goal is to continuously create a positive, comfortable and unforgettable experience for my patients. When I grew up, I always enjoyed taking care of people. And since my mother was a dentist, I understood the importance of oral health. I knew I wanted to create something special in my own practice.

Nick, Patient

The team here at Dr. Parshin, everyone, from Dr. Parshin down to his entire staff, they’re all very friendly. They make you feel comfortable. They make you feel at home.

I understand that there is a common fear of dentists. We eliminate that by using gentle techniques and state of the art equipment. In fact, we are the only practice in the Staten Island that has all 3D technology to offer you more efficient and effective dental experience.

Nicole, Dental Assistant

What I enjoy most about working here is seeing how comfortable Dr. Parshin makes not only the patient feel but also his staff. We are all one big happy family here and we make sure the patients feel exactly the same way when they come through that door.

Elizabeth, Patient

Dr. Parshin makes you feel very comfortable no matter what procedure you are going to have to do from just a cleaning to a crown. He explained all the procedures and it would be a problem that would be solved for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t have to deal with it.

We explain each treatment option in detail. So, you know all your options before you start any work. We would listen to your concerns and make sure to answer all your questions. During your visit, we walk you through every step of the procedure to make sure that you feel completely comfortable. Parshin Dental has built its reputation on trust. Therefore, you can be sure that you will never receive any unnecessary procedures. Our team has a true passion for dentistry and want to provide you with the best dental experience possible. Our team is extremely happy to serve you and have many years of experience. Our advanced technology allows you to have less visits and reduce your time at our office. Who doesn’t like that? We value your time and never want you to feel rushed. We assure you, you are in good hands at Parshin Dental.

Michelle, Patient

Working with Dr. Parshin is always a blast. He always makes you feel really comfortable. He answers all your questions and it’s great to be able to go to a dentist who does that for you.

To experience dentistry in a new way give us a call at 718-494-2010.