3D Technology

In this video, Dr. Alex Parshin speaks about the benefits of using 3D technology in dentistry. 3D-printing and computerized models are slowly but steadily revolutionizing the world of dentistry. 3D-printed models facilitate an increasingly effective workflow for dental specialists. Additionally, 3D X-ray helps dentists to attain better results in terms of precision, making it extremely worthwhile even from the patient’s viewpoint. Patients no longer have to endure hours of painful treatment as most of the procedures can now be completed within minutes. As Dr. Parshin states, 3D technology has made it a lot simpler and faster to replace or repair a damaged tooth, or to produce crowns. It does so by creating an orthodontic model. If you are looking for dental treatment using 3D technology in Staten Island, you would only get it at Parshin Dental.

Dr. Alex Parshin, DMD.

We are one of the only office in Staten Island that offers 3D technology for most of the dental work.  The 3D technology works by making life a lot easier for patients to see what they’re getting, to view everything before. Our office has a CT scan. This is a 3D X-ray that allows us to see exactly how much bone a patient has. You cannot see this information when using a regular two dimensional X-ray. Having enough bone is very important for an implant to be successful. So having this 3D technology gives us a huge advantage to plant and place a dental implant. This 3D X-ray also allows us to eliminate guessing where the implant should be placed. This was a big problem when we used to plan this using regular two dimensional X-ray. This also increases the success of the procedure because the 3D X-ray allows us to see what the implant will look like prior to even starting the process. With the ability to see what the implant looks like on a computer screen this makes the procedure much more precise and predictable. Placing an implant used to take about an hour to complete because it involved having the gums cut open and getting stitches at the end of the procedure. Since we are using a 3D CT scan to plant everything, the procedure can now be completed in about fifteen minutes and the patient no longer needs to be cut and no longer need stitches at the end of the treatment. This is a huge difference for patients to be in and out of the office in such a short period of time. This also leads to almost no post-op pain and no discomfort. We have a 3D printing machine that does crowns and veneers. They actually mill out or print out a porcelain crown. Not like the old school way of doing things where it had metal involved and metal would show after a couple of years , you see silver. So, the beauty of this technology is that offer pure porcelain crown which is all white, there is no metal. It doesn’t break, it lasts much longer than the old crowns and they’re made in house with 3D technology.