Having Invisalign fit by a Professional in Staten Island

11 Apr, 2018

When it comes to having orthodontic work, it is imperative that you seek the care of a professional who has undergone years of training and practice. Even the simplest of procedures like having Invisalign trays fit requires the oversight of a professional. Dr. Alex Parshin of Parshin Dental urges that patients always have Invisalign treatment under the care of a professional provider. With the proper oversight, your smile will last a lifetime.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign are clear aligner trays that helps move your teeth into the proper position. Unlike regular metal braces, Invisalign is made with a soft clear plastic tray that can be removed. This allows the patient to have flexibility in their treatment. There are no irritating metal brackets or uncomfortable gums from metal wires poking the inside of the mouth. The clear aligner trays are designed to hide the fact that the patient is having orthodontic work. They are easier to fit and do not require long hours in the chair.

What should I expect during the fitting?

The process of having Invisalign fit by a professional in Staten Island is quick and more comfortable than having traditional metal braces placed. Dr. Parshin examines your mouth and bite to determine the severity of your malocclusion. He measures your teeth’s position and bite by taking 3D images of your upper and lower teeth. Once he has taken those images, he sends them off to Invisalign in order to come up with a custom treatment plan. Once a treatment plan is made, the patient can view the movement of their teeth in 3D animation. One the patient approves the plan, the Invisalign aligners are fabricated. Every four-six weeks, he will reexamine your bite and provide you with new Invisalign trays that are slightly different to help facilitate tooth movement. With monthly visits, Dr. Parshin can catch any problems early on so that your treatment progresses smoothly. Depending on your bite, Invisalign treatment usually takes less than one year .

This seems very simple… why can I not do this myself?

Many people falsely assume that having Invisalign fit is easier than braces. They may wonder if they can find an online company that can provide Invisalign clear aligner trays for half the price of a dental professional. Although the online companies that people find may promise cheaper costs, their products are not tested for safety or effectiveness. Too often online companies do not provide the ongoing oversight required to catch and treat any complications.

There are many cases of people that order clear trays online who later discover that their teeth are not straightened. In severe cases, these trays can actually worsen the bite making it difficult for the patient to eat, talk, and smile properly. This can necessitate even more extensive orthodontic work making it overall more expensive than if the person had initiated the treatment under the guidance of a dental professional.

If you are suffering from a malocclusion, Invisalign is an excellent option for discreetly correcting your bite. However, it is vital that you consult the advice and care of a professional. You can contact Dr. Parshin at (718) 494-2010 or reach out online to learn more about the importance of having your Invisalign molds fit by a licensed provider.

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