Whether you are in the market for your first set of dentures or are a current denture wearer, it is important that you understand that all dentures are not created equal. A full set of dentures represents a significant investment on your part. Your dentures should be customized to an exacting degree so that they fit comfortably and snugly in your mouth, look entirely natural when you speak and smile, and restore oral function and health to the highest degree possible. The custom dentures available at the Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY dental offices of Dr. Alex Parshin are crafted from the highest-quality materials available to the unique anatomical specifications of the individual patient. These dentures bear no relation to their stereotypical, ill-fitting counterparts of yesteryear. They are thoroughly modern and made for people who lead active, vibrant lives.

While Dr. Parshin does provide traditional removable dentures, patients are strongly urged to consider implant-supported dentures as their restoration of choice. When supported by dental implants, modern dentures are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth in terms of their appearance, and their strength, stability, and durability are unmatched. You will be able to bite, chew, speak, laugh, and smile with renewed ease and confidence, never having to worry about your dentures shifting or slipping. Truly, implant-supported dentures represent the next best thing to having a mouth full of your own healthy, natural teeth.

If you are missing most or all of your natural teeth, we invite you to learn more about how you can improve your quality of life through custom dentures. Please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Alex Parshin by contacting Parshin Dental today.

Comfortable, Well-fitting Dentures Do Exist

If you are a current denture wearer, and you are dissatisfied with your dentures because they are uncomfortable or they do not fit properly in your mouth, you are not alone. Even if you have never worn dentures before, you might have heard stories from denture wearers that have made you skeptical that dentures can fit properly or comfortably in the mouth.

The good news is that comfortable, well-fitting dentures absolutely do exist. Patients of Parshin Dental can testify to this fact.

As with any other dental treatment, however, meticulous planning is essential to creating the ideal set of dentures for each individual patient. The dentist must have certain skills, experience, and education, as well as the right technology, in order to understand the anatomy and mechanics of the mouth and precisely how a person’s dentures must be configured accordingly.

Dr. Parshin has all of these attributes at his disposal, including the technology. In addition to digital x-rays and cameras, Dr. Parshin has an in-office CT scan, which allows him to determine the exact dimensions of the jawbone. As a result, he is able to provide patients with dentures that conform to their jaws down to the millimeter. This enhances comfort while dramatically reducing the risk of slipping and shifting.

Because of his ability to customize dentures to such a precise degree, Dr. Parshin welcomes not only those patients who are dissatisfied with their current dentures, but also those whose cases other dentists have described as too complex.

The Benefits of Implant-supported Dentures

While Dr. Parshin crafts removable dentures to fit comfortably and snugly in the mouth, he still recommends that patients consider implant-supported dentures, as they offer a multitude of unique benefits. For example, implant-supported dentures:

  • Are exceptionally stable: The implant posts to which the dentures are attached are made of titanium, a substance that the human body does not recognize as foreign. As a result, the posts fuse together with the jawbone over time, providing a completely stable anchor for dentures. The risk of slippage is essentially zero.
  • Require no special cleaning or maintenance: Unlike removable dentures, which require a special cleaning routine, you will care for your implant-supported dentures precisely as you would your natural teeth. Brush, floss, and visit Parshin Dental for routine oral exams and professional cleanings, and your implant-supported dentures should remain in excellent shape for years.
  • Are extremely natural looking: Not only will Dr. Parshin customize your dentures so that they look like natural teeth in terms of their color, shape, and texture, but they will appear even more natural because they will be attached to the implants beneath the gum line. Conversely, removable dentures rest on the gums, themselves.
  • Halt the degradation of jawbone and gum tissues: When you lose teeth, the body ceases to supply the jawbone and gum tissues that once supported these tissues with vital nutrients and other resources. As a result, they start to degrade. This is particularly problematic if you are missing most or all of your teeth. Fortunately, dental implants stop this degradation, whereas removable dentures do not.

Learn More about Your Denture Options

If you would like to learn more about the dentures available at our Brooklyn and Staten Island offices, please contact Parshin Dental today. It would be our pleasure to welcome you into our family of patients.