Dental Implant Benefits

Dental implants are the most reliable way to replace a missing tooth, as they reconstruct each part of the tooth, from root to crown. If you have lost a tooth, or are facing tooth extraction, Dr. Alex Parshin, a fellow of the prestigious International Congress of Oral Implantologists, recommends you spend some time considering dental implants. No other tooth replacement restores the ability to eat, drink, speak or smile quite like a dental implant.

There are a number of reasons why Dr. Parshin’s Staten Island dental implants patients love their tooth replacements, including the following:

Look and Feel Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants are very lifelike in appearance and feel like strong, healthy teeth. They can support the normal forces of chewing and biting, allowing you to enjoy all of your favorite foods without restricting your diet. The tooth that is mounted to the top of the implant post is custom-crafted to blend in with your surrounding teeth in color, shape, size and texture, so virtually no one will be able to tell that you have a dental implant.

Strong and Comfortable

One of the most widespread complaints about dentures is that they aren’t stable and can slip or slide around in the mouth, making embarrassing noises. It can be a nuisance to constantly reposition dentures so that they aren’t uncomfortable.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are extremely strong and stable. Once they are positioned in the mouth, they are fixed into place, so you don’t ever have to reposition them or worry about noises or shifting.

Stand-Alone Solution

Dental bridges rely on the adjacent teeth for strength and support; those teeth must be filed down and capped with crowns, which anchor the bridge. Over time, the crowned teeth can become significantly worn or damaged, possibly requiring additional treatment.

Dental implants are a stand-alone solution that don’t require the support of the surrounding teeth and don’t damage natural teeth. In fact, implants prevent those teeth from shifting around into the empty space left by the missing tooth and becoming tilted or crooked.

Protect the Jawbone

When a tooth falls out, the underlying jawbone can start to weaken and deteriorate because it is no longer stimulated by the forces of chewing. Over time, the bone can become so weak that it is unable to properly retain and support the surrounding teeth, which may in turn loosen and fall out. As the bone deteriorates, it can also cause the facial features to collapse, and the face to lose its full shape.

Because dental implant posts are placed in the jawbone, they prevent bone deterioration and related complications. Chewing normally on the implant keeps the bone thriving and helps you retain your natural face shape.

Built to Last

Unlike dentures and dental bridges, which must be repaired or replaced every few years, dental implants are built to last. With the proper care and attention, they can last indefinitely.

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