Restore Your Teeth with Dental Crowns in Staten Island

03 Jun, 2019

Restore Your Teeth with Dental Crowns in Staten Island

When it comes to having a perfect smile, dental health is the first step to a healthy smile and confidence. Dental hygiene begins with a full mouth of healthy teeth. Although most people strive to maintain healthy teeth, not every patient is able to keep all of their teeth healthy and intact. Due to many different circumstances, teeth may begin to decay due to gum disease known as periodontal disease. To halt the spread of decay and infection, Dr. Alex Parshin can fit teeth with dental crowns that leave a...Read More

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08 Jan, 2019

Porcelain Veneers in Staten Island Will Restore Your Beautiful Smile

You love your coffee first thing in the morning, and sip on it throughout your busy day. You drink tea in the evening. You know you shouldn’t, but you still smoke cigarettes. And, there’s nothing better to go with a bowl of pasta than a good red wine. If those four scenarios describe you, or even if any one of the four sound like your lifestyle, then you may be on your way to stained tooth enamel. Once the dulling and the yellowing begin, there may be only one solution to getting your beautiful...Read More

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24 Oct, 2018

Dental bonding in Staten Island

What do celebrities Michael Strahan, Madonna, Anna Paquin, and Anthony Anderson all have in common? They each have a recognizable gap between their teeth.  For them, that’s who they are. For you? If you have a space or spaces between your teeth, you may be self-conscious enough about it to seek a remedy such as a dental bonding in Staten Island.

Dr. Alex Parshin doesn’t treat the above named celebrities at his cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry practice. However, he does see patients...Read More

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14 Oct, 2018

Same Day Inlays and Onlays in Staten Island

If Dr. Alex Parshin were to march in front of his Staten Island dentistry office holding up a sign, there most likely would be three words on it: “Save the Tooth!” As part of his conservative approach to treating his patients, Dr. Parshin believes strongly in doing what it takes to save a patient’s natural teeth instead of advising removal, unless it becomes absolutely necessary. He knows that as his younger patients age, and as his older patients remain active in their lives, the more of their...Read More

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11 Sep, 2018

Get the Best Treatment with CEREC Technology in Staten Island

Dr. Alex Parshin will be among the first to admit that many people dread going to the dentist, some even for a simple six-month checkup and cleaning. And those who need to have any type of work done, especially treatments that need return visits, would much rather wrestle an alligator than show up at a dental office for a series of ongoing dental procedures. Fortunately for his patients, Dr. Parshin’s practice is equipped with CEREC Technology in Staten Island so he can perform dental restoration work all...Read More

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03 Aug, 2018

Flossing 101

Of all the things you can do to maintain a healthy mouth, flossing has got to be the least expensive! But many patients don’t take the time to floss. And if you do, you might not be doing it correctly! Welcome to Flossing 101…

Why should you floss?

Your toothbrush isn’t enough to brush away the plaque that can build up between teeth and at the gumline. A complete dental routine includes both brushing and flossing.

How often should you floss?

Once a day is ideal. Believe it or...Read More

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24 Jul, 2018

The Marvels of Composite Fillings in Staten Island

Have you ever been watching one of the singing competition shows on television, and when the camera takes an extreme close-up of one of the contestant’s mouths, you can see the heavy metal as they are wailing out a soulful ballad? With mouth wide open, Singer #3 displays silver-colored fillings up and down their molars.

In dental speak, the silver-colored fillings are known as amalgam, a mixture of metals primarily mercury-laden. If you are in need of fillings, and you are turned off by the metal...Read More

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27 Jun, 2018

Uncover a New Smile with Porcelain Veneers in Staten Island

Smile anxiety is a very real condition many people suffer in silence. They are embarrassed by their smile because of discolored, chipped, or uneven teeth. They tend to cover up their mouth when they laugh. They may even come up with any excuse they can to avoid social gatherings and face-to-face encounters. If this sounds like you, then you may be interested to learn all about what veneers in Staten Island can do to bring your once beautiful smile back to life.

Many first-time patients come to Dr....Read More

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18 Jun, 2018

You Deserve a Smile Makeover in Staten Island

If you are in the interview process of your search for that first job or for a position that advances you up the corporate ladder, you know that one of the cardinal rules of “dressing to impress” is to smile, smile, smile. Same is true if you are looking to attract that someone special to enter your life. Or you are just preparing for that new family portrait where you want everyone – including yourself – to look their best. If you have a smile that is less than gleaming and eye-popping, your career...Read More

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01 May, 2018

Discover the Glaring Benefits of Zoom Whitening in Staten Island

Coffee. Tea. Soda. Red wine. Homemade spaghetti sauce oozing with tomatoes. Marinades and soy sauce. What’s not to like on that list? Unfortunately, as far as your teeth are concerned, EVERYTHING on that list can cause staining and damage to your enamel. You may be eating and drinking deliciously, but the end result can be a less than spectacular smile.

Why are my teeth no longer white like they once were?

Carbon bonds found in the above-named food and drink items are the major culprits that rob...Read More

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