Restore Your Teeth with Dental Crowns in Staten Island

03 Jun, 2019

When it comes to having a perfect smile, dental health is the first step to a healthy smile and confidence. Dental hygiene begins with a full mouth of healthy teeth. Although most people strive to maintain healthy teeth, not every patient is able to keep all of their teeth healthy and intact. Due to many different circumstances, teeth may begin to decay due to gum disease known as periodontal disease. To halt the spread of decay and infection, Dr. Alex Parshin can fit teeth with dental crowns that leave a smile gleaming.

What are dental crowns?

When people hear about dental crowns they may think of older people who are missing many teeth. However, dental crowns are not just for the elderly. They can be for anyone who needs tooth repair, be it minor or major repair. Dental crowns are simply tooth colored caps that are fit over a weak or decaying tooth. They can be fashioned out of many different materials. Dental crowns can be used as a treatment for a variety of issues such as tooth decay, hiding chips in teeth, to slow dental decay, or to keep damaged teeth from falling into pieces.

Dr. Parshin will schedule a preliminary screening to determine what your needs are and whether his dental crowns are the best solution. During your meeting, Dr. Parshin will examine your teeth, take x-rays, take photos or maybe take a digital impression of your gums and teeth. Based off his consultation and results he will make a recommendation as to whether you would benefit from having dental crowns.

What kinds of material are used in dental crowns?

Dr. Parshin offers same-day Cerec crowns, precisely made on location from ceramic blocks, utilizing the latest 3D technology. With ceramic crowns, the crown blends in with the other teeth hiding evidence of any dental work. You can voice your preferences and Dr. Parshin will advise you as to whether it is a good option.

What is getting a dental crown fit like?

Unlike other crowns that can be a very lengthy procedure, Cerec crowns are created and applied within the same day. There’s no need to wait and you won’t need to be fitted with temporary crowns that notoriously fall out, due to their temporary design.

Instead of using messy putty material, Dr. Parshin will take digital images of your mouth and feed them into the computer to create a 3D model. These digital impressions allow you and Dr. Parshin to see what the results will look like before the procedure is complete.

Once a crown is permanently placed, it functions as a normal tooth so you can get back to smiling with confidence. There are no food restrictions to worry about so you can also get back to eating all the food that you love. After the crown(s) are fit, Dr. Parshin recommends that you brush and floss as normal.

Dr. ParshinDr. Parshin’s expertise and years in practice mark him as one of the best when it comes to fitting and applying dental crowns in Staten Island. You can call the office to schedule an appointment at (718) 494 2010 or reach out online to learn more.

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14 Oct, 2018

If Dr. Alex Parshin were to march in front of his Staten Island dentistry office holding up a sign, there most likely would be three words on it: “Save the Tooth!” As part of his conservative approach to treating his patients, Dr. Parshin believes strongly in doing what it takes to save a patient’s natural teeth instead of advising removal, unless it becomes absolutely necessary. He knows that as his younger patients age, and as his older patients remain active in their lives, the more of their natural teeth they have the better their overall dental health will be. That is why one of the restorative procedures he uses is same day inlays and onlays in Staten Island.

What are inlays and onlays?

As a more conservative and lower cost option to crowns, Dr. Parshin will recommend inlays and onlays as an alternative to fillings and crowns. An inlay bonds to the center of a tooth, similar to a filling. An onlay is when there is more extensive damage to a tooth and there is a need to fully cover a tooth’s biting surface. Same day inlays and onlays in Staten Island help preserve as much of the healthy portion of a tooth as possible, even more so than a crown would.


How can an inlay or onlay be completed in just one day?

Using the modern technology and equipment in place at his Staten Island office, Dr. Parshin can take precise measurements of the affected area, show the patient, on a chairside monitor, a detailed image of what the inlay or onlay will look like, have it designed and molded in his in-office lab while he prepares the tooth for placement, and then apply the inlay or onlay to the patient’s tooth all in one appointment.

What materials are inlays and onlays made of?

There are several choices available, depending on the location of where the inlay or onlay will be attached.  Dr. Parshin usually recommends porcelain material because it closely mimics natural tooth structure and color. For patients who have an out-of-alignment bite or for someone who has a history of grinding their teeth, a resin material may be the best choice. No matter which material is chosen they are all long-lasting and their composition can help strengthen a damaged tooth.

Do inlays and onlays interfere with brushing and flossing?

Not at all. Because of the way they are bonded in place, an inlay or onlay is custom-fit to all contours and edges of a tooth. Brushing and flossing are made easier than if you had a crown attached.

If you have a cavity or have experienced trauma that caused damage to one or more of your teeth, it is in your best interest to “Save the Tooth!” Schedule an appointment with Dr. Alex Parshin to learn more about same day inlays and onlays. Just submit our online form or call Parshin Dental at (718) 494-2010.

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26 Feb, 2018

Getting dental crowns can be a long and tiresome process. It can involve many trips to the dentist and several procedures, which range from preparing the teeth, obtaining molds of the teeth, trying on temporary crowns and to finally getting the permanent crowns. With Dr. Alex Parshin, you can have your dental crowns done and your smile restored in one office visit. His professional team assists many people in the Staten Island area with reducing the amount of time it takes to have their dental crowns completed.

What are same day dental crowns?

Same day dental crowns are prepared and bonded to your teeth in the same way that regular dental crowns are. The only difference is that the crowns are made and bonded to your teeth within one visit rather than over the course of several visits. This process allows you to enjoy your smile sooner without the extra hassle.

What should I expect if I want same day crowns?

The process is simple. Dr. Parshin will schedule an appointment with you to examine your teeth and see if dental crowns are the best option. If he finds that your smile would benefit from his same day dental crowns, he will take 3D digital impressions of your teeth. This advanced technology does not involve any messy molds or painful retainers that can cause discomfort. Rather it simply takes many images of your teeth and pieces them together to make a complete 3D image of your upper and lower teeth.


Using these images, he will design the crown using 3D technology. You can sit in the comfort of your chair and be a part of designing your own crown to create your perfect smile. Once the crown is designed, it is.sent to a 3D machine that will fabricate the crown in less than 1 hour. Once the 3D crown is completed, he will carefully bond the crown to your tooth and your same day crowns will be complete.


What are the benefits of same day dental crowns with Dr. Parshin?

There are many benefits to choosing Dr. Parshin as your dentist. He has undergone rigorous training and practice with hundreds of dental procedures. With each patient, he ensures that your treatment plan is the best option and that your crown will last you a very long time. The ceramic used for same day crowns is the same as that used by lab-created crowns. The crowns are created to match the color of your natural teeth so you do not have to worry about smiling and having other people see the crown. They are also shaped with precise 3D and laser technology so that once the crown is fit, you do not feel any discomfort. The crown will be completely unnoticeable, and you can smile with confidence once more.

How do I care for my crown?

It is important that once you have your crown, you care for it as you would your other teeth. You should brush your teeth twice a day and floss between each tooth to remove debris. The crown will not make flossing any more difficult because it is created to fit your mouth precisely. A same day crown is no different in quality than a traditional dental crown. The main difference is that it is far less time consuming than having dental crowns made over many appointments.


Schedule your appointment today by calling (718) 494 2010 or reach us online to learn more about the expert team and our advanced dental technology.

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